I have been intrigued with the poetic power of “words” ever since I can remember. Symbolism, metaphor, and the magical transformations that can occur when you combine the sounds and shapes of language in unexpected ways. We use words to communicate, to describe, and to express something that cannot easily be accessed…something from a deeper part of our psyche. Imagine being in a white soundless space, and then introducing a word into your mind like “apple”…

Immediately… “ping” … Up comes the apple image in your mind’s eye…then you can start to play with it…green apple, red apple, rotten apple, apple slices, crisp sweet apple, sour tart apple, apple juice, apple peel…etc etc… A universe of words creating virtual appleness in your mind. Smell taste sight…and even the sound of a “crunch.”

One of the best lyricists of all time is Joni Mitchel, and it was due to her extraordinary gift that i was inspired to develop the audacity to try to write a song.

I’m still trying…here are some of my attempts. I cover all kinds of ground.. Love (eros and agape) loss, grief, rage despair, joy, hope, longing, jealously, confusion, anguish, ecstasy, harmony, gratitude, peace….it ‘s all there…and more. These words are my soul talking.